We would love you to become a volunteer for Hootalinqua VFD. We strongly believe that volunteering for us (or any other of Yukon’s Volunteer Fire Department) is interesting, challenging, and rewarding and a great way to give back to the community. There is a lot of training mostly around our main areas of activities: structural fires and motor vehicle accidents. It is also a great way to meet people who care.

Before you decide though, you need to consider, that you may be exposed to tragic or otherwise emotionally challenging events. It doesn’t happen often, but it can be life-changing. Fortunately, there are a lot of supports in place to help us firefighters in the Yukon through tough times.

With Hootalinqua VFD you will be expected to

  • Stay focused, especially in extremely hazardous situations.
  • Assist in potentially traumatic events, like motor vehicle accidents with injuries or fatalities.
  • train and perform in extreme situations in hazardous environments including entering burning buildings.
  • Commit to attending a minimum of 50% of practices, and participate in additional calls and training.
  • Stay at a minimum in reasonable or better physical condition. Fire fighting is physically challenging you need to have what it takes.

If you think firefighting may be a bit too much, consider volunteering with the Hootalinqua Fire Protection Society which is another important opportunity to volunteer.

If you decide that fire fighting might be for you a great resource is “Become a Volunteer Firefighter” on the Government of Yukon website.

Contact us and either the chief or an officer will get back to you to address your questions and maybe give you a tour of our hall and equipment. Maybe write down your key questions to make sure you’ll find out what you need.  

If you are decided, email the Yukon Fire Marshall’s Office (FMO) at  CS.FMO@gov.yk.ca to apply to become a Volunteer Fire Fighter and establish a training record.

You will have to go through a few steps, costs are covered by the FMO unless otherwise stated.

  • You will have to undergo a vulnerable sector check with the RCMP.
  • You will have to undergo a Firefighter Basic Medical Exam.

After you have completed these two steps you can be issued personal protective equipment and begin training with us. We normally practise on Thursday nights from 7:00 to 9:30 pm, but there may be other training opportunities on other weekdays, or on the weekend.

You now have time to familiarize yourself with our gear and through a mixture of specific training and tests become a Fire Fighter Basic. At this level, you will be allowed and expected to respond to calls. You will build on this skill set and begin working towards Fire Fighter Advanced and later Fire Fighter One.   

 Not all our time is taken up by training and responding to calls. We also check and provide basic maintenance to our equipment, and from time to time engage in social or community events.